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 (glī′kō-prō′tēn′, -tē-ĭn)
Any of a group of conjugated proteins having a carbohydrate as the nonprotein component.
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(ˌɡlaɪkəʊˈprəʊtiːn) ,




(Biochemistry) any of a group of conjugated proteins containing small amounts of carbohydrates as prosthetic groups. See also mucoprotein
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(ˌglaɪ koʊˈproʊ tin, -ti ɪn)

any of a group of complex proteins, as mucin, containing a carbohydrate combined with a simple protein.
Also called gly`co•pep′tide (-ˈpɛp taɪd)
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Noun1.glycoprotein - a conjugated protein having a carbohydrate component
mucin - a nitrogenous substance found in mucous secretions; a lubricant that protects body surfaces
compound protein, conjugated protein - a protein complex combining amino acids with other substances
erythropoietin - a glycoprotein secreted by the kidneys that stimulates the production of red blood cells
CD4, cluster of differentiation 4 - a glycoprotein that is found primarily on the surface of helper T cells; "CD4 is a receptor for HIV in humans"
CD8, cluster of differentiation 8 - a membrane glycoprotein that is found primarily on the surface of cytotoxic T cells
lectin - any of several plant glycoproteins that act like specific antibodies but are not antibodies in that they are not evoked by an antigenic stimulus
mucoid - any of several glycoproteins similar to mucin
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As a specialized custom service provider for therapeutic glycoprotein development, Creative Biolabs announces a portfolio of glycoprotein production and corresponding analysis services, including but not limited to Custom Glycoprotein Synthesis and Glycoprotein Detections services.
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Rh-associated glycoprotein (RhAG) BGAs complex with Rh proteins (RhD, RhCE) in the red cell membrane ankyrin complex, and associate with glycophorin A and B (GPA, GPB), Landsteiner-Wiener (LW; ICAM-4) glycoprotein, and ultimately Band 3.
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The microcapsules further contain a polysaccharide having a negative net charge; a protein having an isoelectric point (PI) of 4-6; and a plant-derived glycoprotein having a negative net charge and anti-oxidative activity.
As Lectins can be used to detect and analyze glycoprotein function, Creative BioMart also provides services utilizing lectins, which include Glycoprotein identification, Glycoprotein purification/enrichment, Characterization of cell surface glycoconjugates, Glycosylation mutant generation, as well as Gtf and glycosidase activity analysis.
"The ability to identify the glycan fingerprint on HIV's glycoprotein will help us develop a vaccine that matches what is found on the virus," James Paulson, a biochemist at the institute and lead author of a study describing the technique, said in a ( statement released Tuesday. 
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(2) Nonstandard abbreviations: VWF, von Willebrand factor; GPIb, glycoprotein Ib; VWD, von Willebrand disease; HMW, high molecular weight; PT-VWD, platelet-type VWD