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tr.v. gnashed, gnash·ing, gnash·es
1. To grind or strike (the teeth, for example) together.
2. To bite (something) by grinding the teeth.

[Alteration of Middle English gnasten, gnaisten, possibly of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse gnastan, a gnashing.]

gnash n.
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the act of grinding (the teeth) as in pain or angerthe act of chewing food by grinding the teeth
(of teeth) grinding, as in pain or angerchewing (by the grinding of teeth)
ˈgnashingly adv
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A. N gnashing of teethrechinamiento m de dientes
B. ADJrechinante
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n. rechinamiento de los dientes.
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References in classic literature ?
And I loved even her naughtinesses, as when she stamped her foot at me, which she could not do without also gnashing her teeth, like a child trying to look fearsome.
But, once down, he would writhe on the deck, gnashing his teeth in impotent rage - which was pretty horrible to behold.
He faced us, drawing back his lips and gnashing his teeth, and did not shrink an inch before the sweep of Dominic's arm.
But the wolf jumped up more quickly than anyone could have expected and, gnashing her teeth, flew at the yellowish borzoi, which, with a piercing yelp, fell with its head on the ground, bleeding from a gash in its side.
Two serpents hung down at their girdles with heads curved forward: their tongues were flickering, and their teeth gnashing with fury, and their eyes glaring fiercely.
But these again were engaged ib battle: and behind them the dusky Fates, gnashing their white fangs, lowering, grim, bloody, and unapproachable, struggled for those who were falling, for they all were longing to drink dark blood.
You declare that you are gnashing your teeth and at the same time you try to be witty so as to amuse us.
They halted and urged him to move faster, but he entreated them not to approach him, and, leaping from his horse, began to roll frantically on the earth, gnashing his teeth and foaming at the mouth.
Nevertheless, he began to grow impatient with Coppenole's behavior, and suddenly turned towards him with so formidable a gnashing of teeth, that the Flemish giant recoiled, like a bull-dog before a cat.
"Accursed tree!" cried the chief justice, gnashing his teeth; for anger overcame his sorrow.
Instantly there was wailing and gnashing of teeth in the camp.
They danced to the popular Revolution song, keeping a ferocious time that was like a gnashing of teeth in unison.