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Of or relating to the jaw.

[Greek gnathos, jaw; see genu- in Indo-European roots + -ic.]


(ˈnæθɪk) or


(Anatomy) anatomy of or relating to the jaw
[C19: from Greek gnathos jaw]


(ˈnæθ ɪk)

also gnath′al,

of or pertaining to the jaw.
[1880–85; < Greek gnáth(os) jaw + -ic]
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Histologic Tumor Type.--The gnathic bones give rise to a variety of neoplasms, including odontogenic and bone/ cartilage forming tumors; however, this data set is designed to report only the malignant odontogenic tumors (carcinomas as well as sarcoma) as classified according to the most recent edition of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Classification of Head and Neck Tumours (4) (Table).
This cyst is not common in the gnathic bones, representing about less than 6% of all odontogenic lesions [2, 3].
Intraosseous mucoepidermoid carcinoma is a rare neoplasm of the gnathic bones.
The short rostrum of Bibimys is characterized by a well-developed hook-shaped gnathic process (Fig.
This bone lysis is in fact very rare, and some odontogenic myxomas with gnathic bone lysis have been described [8] but they presented more aggressive proliferation with cortical lysis and the worst prognostics.
SBC in gnathic bones are essentially restricted to the mandible, although maxillary SBC has been reported.
Imaging demonstrates massive, bilateral multilocular radiolucent cystic areas within the gnathic bones (figure 2).
Gnathic osteosarcomas: review of literature and report of two cases in maxilla.
Odontogenic tumors (OTs) develop exclusively on gnathic bones through the proliferation of odontogenic tissues (epithelial, mesenchymal or both).
He has had a dental laboratory, Gnathic Systems, for more than 40 years, both in Newport Beach, Calif., and in Eugene.
Murrah, "The spectrum of gnathic osteosarcoma: caveats for the clinician and the pathologist," Head and Neck Pathology, vol.
Solitary central myofibroma presenting in the gnathic region.