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A banded or foliated metamorphic rock, usually of the same composition as granite.

[German Gneis, probably alteration of Middle High German ganeist, spark (from its appearance), from Old High German gneista.]

gneiss′ic (nī′sĭk), gneiss′oid′ (nī′soid′), gneiss′ose′ (nī′sōs′) adj.
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In addition to the altitudes of the various peaks, passes, and camps initially provided by the 1921 survey, this chromolithograph map, published in the Geographical Journal in October 1925, displays the three key geological 'units' which Odell identified, namely the Lower Calcareous series, Gneissose Biotite series, and Upper Calcareous series, as well as two faults of the mountain's northeast-trending ridge.
Sri Lanka has four major types of granite deposits (granite proper, gneissose granite, regmatite and graphic granite) in substantial amounts, suitable for processing into cut, polished stones and aggregate products.