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Any of various gymnosperm plants of the division Gnetophyta, having some features similar to those of angiosperms, such as xylem with vessel elements, and including ephedra.

[From New Latin Gnetophyta, division name, from Gnetum, type genus, from Ternatese (Papuan language of Ternate) ganemu, a species of tree (Gnetum gnemon) widespread in Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands and valued for its edible seeds.]
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(Plants) any gymnosperm plant of the phylum Genetophyta, which includes three genera: Gnetum, consisting of small tropical trees and vines, Ephedra (see ephedra), and Welwitschia (see welwitschia)
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However, acid phosphatase may not be restricted to the nucellus as it was found by immunohistochemistry in the pollination drop of the related gnetophyte, Welwitschia mirabilis (Carafa et al., 1992).
Among the living gymnosperms, four phyla could be considered: Cycadophyta (cycads), Ginkgophyta (Ginkgo biloba L.), Coniferophyta (conifers), and Gnetophyta (gnetophytes) [1].
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