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(ˌnəʊzɪˈɒlədʒɪ) or


(Philosophy) the philosophy of knowledge and cognition
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gnosiology, gnoseology

the philosophy of knowledge and the human faculties for learning, Also called gnostology. — gnosiological, gnoseological, adj.
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Arborescent thought and culture while ancient and dominant does not provide an accurate map of the brain and neither the brain nor the memory is treelike or root-based: they argue 'the tree has dominated Western reality and all of Western thought, from botany to biology and anatomy, but also gnosiology, theology, ontology, all of philosophy ...: the rootfoundation, Grund, racine, fondement (p.18).
(1) Prolegomena eis ten theologiken gnosiologian ("Prolegomena to Theological Gnosiology"), Athens, University Press, 1965.
Rather, they are reminiscent of the Greek notion of gnosiology concerned with the holistic and integrative exploration of phenomena and events.