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The FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook(FAA-H-8083-3B) has this to say, in part, about go-arounds: "The first priority is always to maintain control and obtain adequate flying speed.
One of the first things student pilots learn is how to recover from a balked landing and go-around. Sometimes, the approach is so bad that we don't even get to the "balk" part.
Caption: RIGHT: With VFR traffic that's staying in the pattern, tower controllers can use all kinds of tricks with go-arounds. For example, if a jet (Blue) is catching up to a Skyhawk (Red) on final, the Skyhawk might get, "Go around and offset to the right.
For a controller, the go-around is a last-minute tactic to resolve insufficient clearance or some other unexpected danger.
Among the five recommendations in the report by the Interstate Aviation Committee was to "study the possibility of introduction into the FFS (full flight simulator) training program scenarios of go-arounds in various conditions, in manual control mode with two engines operative from various heights".
The sidebar on the opposite page details some recent accident resulting from botched go-arounds. Of them, the Baron and Arrow accidents in particular suggest their pilots succumbed to a startle response.
Some other Cessnas I've flown could only muster 30 degrees, a design change the company presumably made because it didn't affect landing distance all that much while making go-arounds easier.
Also consider that in gusty conditions when go-arounds are likely to be executed, it can be difficult if not impossible to get the little electric flap handle into the 20-degree detent while you and the airplane are bouncing around in the turbulent low-level air.
Too often, panic sets in and--perhaps in haste, perhaps in surprise, perhaps a result of poor technique-the pilot in your situation forgets something and the go-around becomes something more.
As accident statistics, investigations and even imagery show, failure to successfully execute a go-around can be deadly business.