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go-go 1

adj. Informal
Of or relating to discotheques or to the energetic music and dancing performed at discotheques.

[From à gogo.]

go-go 2

adj. Informal
1. Marked by assertive action: a go-go sales executive.
a. Of, relating to, or engaging in a type of speculative, short-term stock-market operation: a go-go fund.
b. Characterized by the fast growth and development that invites speculative investment: go-go industries like nanotechnology.

[ Intensive reduplication (influenced by go-go) of go.]


1. of or relating to discos or the lively music and dancing performed in them
2. dynamic or forceful
[C20: altered from French à-gogo aplenty, ad lib: sense influenced by English verb go]


1. of or pertaining to the music and dancing performed at discotheques or nightclubs.
2. performing at a discotheque or nightclub.
3. Informal. full of vitality or daring: the go-go generation.
[1960–65; reduplication of go1, influenced in some senses by à gogo]


A variant of hip hop and R&B music that evolved in the city of Washington DC in the mid 1980s. Characterized by an emphasis on beat rather than lyrics.


[ˈgəʊgəʊ] ADJ
1. [dancer, dancing] → gogó
2. (US) [market, stocks] → especulativo
3. (US) [team etc] → dinámico


Go-go-Girl nt; go-go girlGo-go-Girl nt
(US Comm inf) go-go yearsHochkonjunktur- or Boomjahre pl; the go-go days of the late 1960sdie Zeit der Hochkonjunktur Ende der 60er Jahre; the go-go 1980sdie vom Boom geprägten 80er Jahre


go-go dancer
go-go dancing
nGo-go nt
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