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go-go 1

adj. Informal
Of or relating to discotheques or to the energetic music and dancing performed at discotheques.

[From à gogo.]

go-go 2

adj. Informal
1. Marked by assertive action: a go-go sales executive.
a. Of, relating to, or engaging in a type of speculative, short-term stock-market operation: a go-go fund.
b. Characterized by the fast growth and development that invites speculative investment: go-go industries like nanotechnology.

[ Intensive reduplication (influenced by go-go) of go.]


1. of or relating to discos or the lively music and dancing performed in them
2. dynamic or forceful
[C20: altered from French à-gogo aplenty, ad lib: sense influenced by English verb go]


1. of or pertaining to the music and dancing performed at discotheques or nightclubs.
2. performing at a discotheque or nightclub.
3. Informal. full of vitality or daring: the go-go generation.
[1960–65; reduplication of go1, influenced in some senses by à gogo]


A variant of hip hop and R&B music that evolved in the city of Washington DC in the mid 1980s. Characterized by an emphasis on beat rather than lyrics.


[ˈgəʊgəʊ] ADJ
1. [dancer, dancing] → gogó
2. (US) [market, stocks] → especulativo
3. (US) [team etc] → dinámico


Go-go-Girl nt; go-go girlGo-go-Girl nt
(US Comm inf) go-go yearsHochkonjunktur- or Boomjahre pl; the go-go days of the late 1960sdie Zeit der Hochkonjunktur Ende der 60er Jahre; the go-go 1980sdie vom Boom geprägten 80er Jahre


go-go dancer
go-go dancing
nGo-go nt
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The freestyle dancing that accompanied this music had evolved at the Hollywood club Whisky A Go Go, where crowds were led by dancing "go-go girls," a practice that first appeared in Korea at clubs for U.S.
Joss Lodge, of mobile coffee service Go-Go Gaggia, kept actor Michael Palin and other cast members of TV drama Remember Me topped up with coffee when they were filming in Slaithwaite.
Get the lookHeadline in here please LIKE the look of Gucci's groovy go-go boots but not so keen on the PS950 price tag?
Crowds create capital, or "go-go juice," that can include human connections, intelligence and expertise, resources like equipment and furniture, and, of course, money.
San Diego, CA, June 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Seeing overwhelming response of happy dog owners through videos received, Go-Go Dog Pals has announced Free Shipping service on their interactive dog toy for limited time.
Go-Go Live: The Musical Life and Death of a Chocolate City by Natalie Hopkinson (Duke University Press, 2010, pp.232, 34 illustrations, ISBN: 978-0-8223-5211-2) is a social history of the Black community in Washington, D.C.
Washington, May 17, ( ANI ): Chuck Brown known as the 'Godfather of Go-Go' for the subgenre of funk music he helped create, has died after suffering from pneumonia.
BRITAIN'S Got Talent dog trainer Melanie Ceazar-Taylor has revealed she used to work as a go-go dancer and mud wrestler.
Work by 12 finalists will be shown at the Oregon Arts Alliance gallery at a hosted party and celebration for the launch of Eugene A Go-Go on March 17.
Before she hit the big time - and could afford her outlandish clothes - Lady GaGa worked as a go-go dancer.
Moules a go-go is a stylish but informal, continental style bar and grill in Watergate Row, Chester.