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1. Sports The act of protecting a goal, as in hockey and other such sports.
2. Basketball An illegal play in which a player touches the ball when it is on a downward path to the basket or when it is on, above, or within the area over the opening of the rim of the basket.


(Hockey (Field & Ice)) ice hockey US the act of defending the goal


(ˈgoʊlˌtɛn dɪŋ)

1. the act of defending the goal in sports.
2. (in basketball) the illegal deflecting of the ball on its downward path toward the basket or while it is on the rim.


Illegal interference with a field goal attempt when the ball is above the basket.
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Zachary Juszko and Christian Andrew split the goaltending duties, racking up a combined 5 saves.
There was Terrence Jones' goaltending violation on Terrence Romeo's floater, the second motion call on Jones during a collision with Chris Ross and Troy Rosario's crucial sixth foul in the second overtime.
Each team is allowed one challenge a game, successful or not, on a personal foul charged to a player on that team, an out of bounds call or whistles for goaltending or basket interference.
He's a big guy who will bring us elite goaltending at this level."
We'll try to do this maybe, twice a year at least because so much can be achieved with better communication." Marcial said a rule that may be introduced next season is making goaltending reviewable the entire game, not just in the last two minutes as it is now.
"We needed a league win, no matter how it came, and we got it through great goaltending and an all-round team performance," said Finnerty.
The NBA acknowledged they missed a goaltending call on LeBron James after he blocked a pivotal layup attempt from Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo in the dying seconds of the Cleveland Cavaliers' Game 5 win Wednesday night.
"They've fixed the goaltending, it looks like, they're getting good goaltending, which allows them to take a few more chances offensively and it's working for them." RESULTS Los Angeles 2 Anaheim 1 (SO) San Jose 4 Winnipeg 0 Calgary 3 Colorado 2 Las Vegas 4 Arizona 2 St.
In order to simplify teaching the hockey goaltending position, Wilson and van Vliet work with only the equipment necessary to improve the game, taking out the over-complicated components to simplify the game and leave less margin for error.
Poor goaltending was to blame and it's no surprise that none of the four goalies who saw action are back.
CANADIAN Carson Chuback produced one of the best goaltending performances ever seen at the Big Blue Tent as he defied Elite League leaders Cardiff Devils but couldn't prevent Edinburgh from a 2-1 defeat.
One potential application that he's going after first is goaltending calls in basketball.