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Noun1.goat herder - a person who tends a flock of goatsgoat herder - a person who tends a flock of goats
drover, herdsman, herder - someone who drives a herd
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When we are investigating the whole situation we surprising to know that the stamp papers supplied a local cooked who learns hard money for his family and other man Akhlaq Ahmad is also goat herder and earns his livelihood to rent his van.
In Palawan, a poor goat herder took on an entrenched political family and won simply on the possibility that there is a better way for the town to be run.
"All villagers are wondering what to do with their livestock and how to keep them alive because that is all they have in life," Haji Sorab, a sheep and goat herder in Dawlat Abad district, told AFP.
When Aissa is cast out and raised by a goat herder's family, trouble follows her; raiders attack their home, leaving her mute as she heeds her mama's warning to stay silent until she returns.
A young goat herder prepares to drink dam water through a filtration pipe provided by The Carter Center's Guinea worm eradication program.
Imagine you were an Albanian goat herder who'd won a competition on Radio Tirana for an all-expenses paid Old Firm experience.
Transport yourself to the ancient highlands of Ethiopia, where the story of Kaldi, a young goat herder begins.
The tale centers upon Zeus who, at the onset, is a scrawny, rascally goat herder in a small area of Crete.
The setting isn't New York or Rome but a tiny mountain village in southern Italy where Luciano lives as a goat herder, having renounced his family's crime business.
I began to think that Belgium seems to be stuck in the seventies and, once again, Denmark and Sweden have earned my vote in the Eurovision Song Contest without having to field their deafest, most Jay-Zee influenced goat herder.
former goat herder Samba Ba proudly points to a row of acacia saplings.