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Adj.1.goateed - having a small pointed chin beard
unshaved, unshaven - not shaved
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Elsewhere, at Caltech two goateed physicists celebrated winning a Nobel Prize for proving Einstein was right once again about that E=MC business, and a supernova 160mn light-years away provided the fireworks.
After Agrafena smuggled us across the border in a refrigerated poultry truck, we climbed over barbed wire, skated down an alley, and knocked on the broken window of an abandoned factory, hoping to summit with the goateed rebel president Igor Smirnov.
At the same time, Jean-Bernard turned up all Gallic and goateed, seemingly her personal happy ever after.
The white-haired, goateed attacker's picture was circulated in Cleveland Police.
The slightly built, lightly goateed defendant stood silently, shifting uncomfortably as a U.
A shaggy-haired, goateed Tsarnaev, 21, slouched in his seat and looked at Mr Weinreb as the prosecutor launched into his opening statement.
A shaggy-haired, goateed Tsarnaev slouched in his seat and showed little reaction as the case unfolded.
They rubbed cheeks and kissed the hands of the goateed Salman, 79, and his heir Crown Prince Moqren, 69.
He's a round, goateed fellow, dapper in his all-white suit (the better to absorb the sun's healing rays) on the cover of Dr.
Property records show that the usually goateed Tinseltown veteran has owned the 5,628-square foot picket-fenced and clapboard-sided house since late 2006, when he picked it up for $3,125 million.
An inappropriately goateed Marcelo Alvarez, probably a size too small for the title role (vocally, that is; physically he has notably plumped out), played sensitively with dynamics in lieu of a juicier, more ringing tone; and the 'monochromatic Patricia Racette, as Maddalena.