goats' milk

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Noun1.goats' milk - the milk of a goat
milk - a white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings
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We generally use goats' milk; and, 'gad, do you know, I've got to prefer it!"
And if you drink goats' milk, you treat goat as your mother.
Effect of subclinical intramammary infection on somatic cell counts and chemical composition of goats' milk. J.
While previously Daher had sold his imported goats' milk to local dairies, he had not considered starting his own dairy production company until he met Bou Habib through Alfa Laval--a Swedish company that markets itself as the global leader in heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling--where Bou Habib used to work and from whom Daher had bought his automatic milking line.
St Helen's Farm, the UK's leading goats' milk producer, has added a Chocolate ice cream to its range of goats' milk products.
Delamere Dairy, the Cheshire based speciality dairy has launched a new 500ml long-life goats' milk range in both whole and semi-skimmed varieties.
Physicochemical and sensory characteristics of yogurt produced from mixtures of cows' and goats' milk. International Dairy Journal.