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1. The skin of a goat.
2. Leather made from a goatskin.
3. A container, as for wine, made from a goatskin.


1. the hide of a goat
a. something made from the hide of a goat, such as leather or a container for wine
b. (as modifier): a goatskin rug.



1. the skin or hide of a goat.
2. leather made from it.
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Noun1.goatskin - the hide of a goat
fell, hide - the dressed skin of an animal (especially a large animal)


[ˈgəʊtskɪn] Npiel f de cabra
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Five deluxe copies bound in white alum-tawed goatskin - $4,800, and thirty-five copies in cloth-covered boards - $2,400.
The goatskin parchment on which the Queen's Speech has to be written, which takes days for ink to dry on it, and was supposedly stopping the State Opening Of Parliament.
Her speech was initially slated for Monday - the day before Royal Ascot - but the event was delayed to allow the Conservatives more time to form a minority government after failing to secure a majority at last week's general election, and for the ink to dry on the goatskin on which the speech is written.
Additional delay may be caused by the fact the speech read by the sovereign is written on goatskin parchment paper, a long-lasting archival paper which contains no actual goatskin, but requires several days for the ink to dry.
Desperate Downing Street spinners were even reduced to blaming the length of time it takes ink to dry on goatskin for the disarray.
com WEISE VICTORY GLOVES These authentic looking two-tone goatskin gloves from Weise are designed for a summer jaunt on a cafe racer.
Jackets in the Asian suite featured Indonesian goatskin shadow puppets, quilted images of Buddha and elephants from Thailand, and kabuki masks and obi sashes from Japan.
Tenders are invited for 1000 pair - gloves, premium grain goatskin leather, sewn into an ergonomic, 3d performance glove pat- tern with superb dexterity and durability.
Caption: Genetic evidence indicates that Otzi the Iceman wore goatskin leggings (left), a brown-bear cap (top right) and a coat made of goat and sheep hides (bottom right).
The collections include around 5,000 items of leather footwear, a complete goatskin tent which would have accommodated eight soldiers, textiles which include a Roman sock, a moss headpiece which may have been worn to ward off midges, wooden objects ranging from a cart axle to a toilet seat, and part of a glass depicting gladiators.
They were actually invented in Persia and were comprised of reeds stuck into a goatskin bag.
MPs are locked in a furious row over whether to end the centuries-old tradition of printing decisions of Parliament on goatskin.