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1. The skin of a goat.
2. Leather made from a goatskin.
3. A container, as for wine, made from a goatskin.


1. the hide of a goat
a. something made from the hide of a goat, such as leather or a container for wine
b. (as modifier): a goatskin rug.



1. the skin or hide of a goat.
2. leather made from it.
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Noun1.goatskin - the hide of a goat
fell, hide - the dressed skin of an animal (especially a large animal)


[ˈgəʊtskɪn] Npiel f de cabra
References in classic literature ?
The Torzhok peddler woman, in a whining voice, went on offering her wares, especially a pair of goatskin slippers.
The Arabs came out of their goatskin tents, and surrounded the soldiers, asking many questions in the native tongue, for the soldiers were themselves natives.
And the wild things in the wild mountains stopped in their hunting, and trembled at this new and awful voice, while down in the desert the children of the wilderness came out of their goatskin tents and looked toward the mountains, wondering what new and savage scourge had come to devastate their flocks.
Here is a ragged, oriental-looking Negro from some desert place in interior Africa, filling his goatskin with water from a stained and battered fountain built by the Romans twelve hundred years ago.
Now he withdrew it disclosing a large goatskin purse, bulging and heavy with coins.
As she sat there this day before The Sheik's goatskin tent, fashioning a skirt of grasses for Geeka, The Sheik appeared suddenly approaching.
Meanwhile the heralds were bringing the holy oath-offerings through the city--two lambs and a goatskin of wine, the gift of earth; and Idaeus brought the mixing bowl and the cups of gold.
But if you go away from well-governed states to Crito's friends in Thessaly, where there is great disorder and licence, they will be charmed to hear the tale of your escape from prison, set off with ludicrous particulars of the manner in which you were wrapped in a goatskin or some other disguise, and metamorphosed as the manner is of runaways; but will there be no one to remind you that in your old age you were not ashamed to violate the most sacred laws from a miserable desire of a little more life?
I also took a goatskin of sweet black wine which had been given me by Maron, son of Euanthes, who was priest of Apollo the patron god of Ismarus, and lived within the wooded precincts of the temple.
After a time he came back, bearing with him a great brown loaf of bread, and a fair, round cheese, and a goatskin full of stout March beer, slung over his shoulders.
She always wore battered goatskin shoes, and was clean in her person.
And I began to run towards the anchorage, my terrors all forgotten, while close at my side the marooned man in his goatskins trotted easily and lightly.