gobble down

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w>gobble down

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Remember to chew slowly and gobble down nuts by the handful.
Whether you're a super early Black Friday shopper, or prefer to hit the sales right after you gobble down your Thanksgiving turkey, there will be stores open for you up and down the Randall Road corridor this year.
The minimum order is 100 pieces, but it's easy to gobble down a whole basket worth - especially if you think of how much scallops cost back in the city.
Breathe in the fresh ocean air at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, then gobble down a fresh fish taco at seafood joint.
She stops to nibble a petal and gobble down pollen.
[USA], Feb 16 (ANI): If you gobble down food in a hurry, it's time to change your habit as simply chewing your food longer can prevent obesity.
Some wish to share it with their BFFs while others are daydreaming to gobble down every single bite of it all by themselves.
PS and RA also had an inexplicable urge to gobble down everything in sight.
The study, based on data collected by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), states that not only do black holes feed on a slow and steady diet of hot ionized gas - which scientists already knew - they also gobble down clumpy, chaotic, very cold clouds of molecular gas.
My three cocker spaniels always gobble down their food as though they are starving to death.
Lord Beechings, |Aberystwyth Gobble down a gourmet steak burger pattie with bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce and chips in a jumbo roll, then a super sundae, in an hour, to win a T-shirt.
For instance, why gobble down a fatty, calorie-laden burger when you can savour a freshly made healthy goat cheese sandwich or a sweet potato falafel burger.