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Adj.1.goblet-shaped - resembling the shape of a goblet
circular, round - having a circular shape
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The Djembe Joy Village in Frontierland, open daily from 2pm, is home to the Djembe Academy, where guests receive enthusiastic percussive tuition to play the goblet-shaped African drum.
This is also known as the tulip magnolia and the unfurling of its cream or pink goblet-shaped flowers is part of the joyful sequence of suburban spring life, closely followed by yellow forsythia and sugar pink cherry blossoms.
The pale lavender to reddish-purple, goblet-shaped flowers of Crocus tommasinianus, commonly called snow crocus, open in the light of day and close at night.
The Magnolia x Soulangeana has beautiful goblet-shaped pink and creamy white flowers, while the Malus x moerlandsii 'Profusion' has stunning carmine blossoms that are incredibly deep in colour.
Unlike normal NETs, these tumors contain co-existing mucinladen goblet-shaped cells and neuroendocrine cells arranged in nests or clusters, with weak or partial immunopositivity for neuroendocrine markers (7).
shonaicus forms "a clade distinct from all other sequenced species of the hufelandi group with typical mushroom- or inverted goblet-shaped egg processes, which may suggest that the ancestor of the five species with atypical egg processes had a mutation allowing derivations from the mushroom or inverted chalice-like shape of egg processes."
A magnificent goblet-shaped ornament features a marble carving of a wild procession led by Dionysus, the charismatic Roman god of wine, pleasure, fertility and religious fervour.
They can also be grown as slim-fit cordons but if you want the best yield it is best to grow them as a goblet-shaped bush.
True, the familiar, large, goblet-shaped blooms make a colorful springtime splash grouped in beds and pots.
MAGNOLIA These amazing trees and shrubs can be a garden's focal point in the spring with their large goblet-shaped blooms in shades of pink or white.
The bizarre-looking creature also had a goblet-shaped body with an upper cup-like cavity and lower elongated stalk, with which it "attached to exoskeletons of other organisms", Zhang explained.
Magnolia soulangeana thrives in acid soil and bears stunning goblet-shaped white flowers that gradually fade to pink at the base.