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gobsmacked by the roar as the band played Plainsong from 1989's Disintegration.
A man was left "gobsmacked" after learning he could face a [pounds sterling]1,000 fine - for deciding not to travel on a pre-booked P&O ferry cruise.
Vision Collector returns tonight to Dublin's Yamamouri for a unique show with Gobsmacked Records.
10 YEARS AGO..Gobsmacked A Dumfries boy who suffered from brittle bones disease was "gobsmacked" when he met the players of his favourite football team.
David Hayward, 23, was "gobsmacked" last week when he found M&S selling Autograph ISIS four miles from the scene of May's Islamic suicide bombing that killed 22 and injured 512.
Mr Moxon, 63, of Upper Cumberworth, said he was "absolutely gobsmacked" at the award.
Gobsmacked! is a brand new a cappella stage show at Underbelly which celebrates everything that is amazing about the human voice.
"When I sit and talk to him we're both gobsmacked - even he's gobsmacked by the reaction to the song."
SWIMMING COMMONWEALTH and European gold medallist Adam Peaty was "gobsmacked" to be bracketed with Rory McIlroy and Lewis Hamilton this week.
IT takes a lot to shock Tracy, but she's gobsmacked when Rob snaps at her for moaning that Tina's still a pain in the neck even though she's dead.
Audrey is gobsmacked by Maria's deceit, and the fact David knew.
I WAS "gobsmacked" to see "Mr Clagg" asking us to "vote" for the Lib-Dems.