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The quality or state of being a god; divinity.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) the state of being divine


(ˈgɒd hʊd)

divine character or condition.
References in classic literature ?
The remaining guards, reinforced by the high dignitaries and nobles of the First Born, closed in between us and Issus, who sat leaning far forward upon her carved sorapus bench, now screaming high-pitched commands to her following, now hurling blighting curses upon those who sought to desecrate her godhood.
True indie/college rock fans will however love it because the new album 'Automat' gives Metz a career trajectory similar to Sonic Youth which began as noise punks then graduated to art-punk godhood. Opener 'Soft Whiteout' bulldozes away traditional notions of punk or even metal with its grinding sheets of metallic peals and wrecking ball drum slams.
their perception of godhood was tied to their own belief system of the anito (spirits) and their own native pantheon of gods, being dispensers of good and evil.'
Akihito was the first Japanese Emperor not to claim godhood. His father, Emperor Hirohito, had renounced godhood after the atom bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
individual's relation to "godhood" were revealed in the
Narayan Maharaj of Kedgam near Pune and Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur helped Merwan to come down after Babajan made him realise his godhood.
Part of the story of Her is Samantha coming into her "godhood." She is a non-corporeal person and while this causes her some concern early on, she begins to express tendencies that are more godlike later on saying,
For then God's nature is causally independent of him, and he depends for his Godhood on his exemplifying the relevant properties.
Godhood otherwise routinely runs in families, where gods beget gods, with divine dynasties forever ruling the world, as all Olympians are essentially Titans.
ascension to godhood and the creation of these new worlds as greedy,
Here--as intoned by an opening fanfare that sets up the narrative as a story within a story--the lord of the realm is about to ascend into godhood, and needs to anoint his successor, lozen (Kazuhiro Yamaji), a magnanimous warthog with a leonine mane, seems like a natural choice, whereas the bear-like Kumatetsu (Koji Yakusho)--brash, arrogant, obnoxious --doesn't even have a pupil to his name.
"At Plan X, we intend to tap a little bit of that creative insanity, that godhood, and create the community of entrepreneurial poets, the rebellion artists, the mutants and hope to find the Fords, the Edisons and the Jobs of Pakistan."