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Noun1.Goggle-eye - of Atlantic coastal watersgoggle-eye - of Atlantic coastal waters; commonly used for bait
scad - any of a number of fishes of the family Carangidae
genus Selar, Selar - big-eyed scad
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During busy times, such as tournaments, premium baits such as goggle-eye may cost as much as $10 apiece
Dedicated blackfin tuna fishermen will spend hours catching frisky live pilchards for chum and live large threadfin herring and goggle-eye jacks for bait.
Most people might get a dozen or two dozen goggle-eye, but that's it.
Two of the best baits to use are a live goggle-eye and a large pilchard.
Colors include chameleon orange/black [front and rear views shown above], wahoo, flyingfish, goggle-eye, yellowfin, purple/black, blue mackerel and dorado.
I was checking the line on the plug when the goggle-eye started freaking out.
Brad Butler was freelining a live goggle-eye just off from the transom when the smoker hit," Alden Thornton said.
South of there, it's all about drift fishing with live goggle-eyes or pilchards.
Anne, of Barnard Castle, has won the Carnegie twice before, for Goggle-eyes in 1989 and Flour Babies in 1992.
Her books for older children include the award winning The Tulip Touch and Goggle-Eyes, which was adapted for television by the BBC.
Ms Fine won the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize for her novel Goggle-Eyes as well as Britain's most coveted award for children's literature - the Carnegie Medal, for Flour Babies.