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Noun1.Goggle-eye - of Atlantic coastal watersgoggle-eye - of Atlantic coastal waters; commonly used for bait
scad - any of a number of fishes of the family Carangidae
genus Selar, Selar - big-eyed scad
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The baitfish used might be a live goggle-eye jack (preferred), a large live threadfin herring, ballyhoo, blue runner, large pilchard or small bullet bonito.
A large live threadfin herring, goggle-eye jack or horse pilchard fished free-lined or under a kite is how it's done.
Mutton fishermen use 40- to 60-pound fluorocarbon leaders of 12 to 20 feet and weights just heavy enough to hold a live pinfish, ballyhoo, pilchard, threadfin herring, goggle-eye jack or fresh chunk bait on or near the bottom.
But in South Florida if you can acquire some large threadfin herring, horse pilchards, speedos, cigar minnows or the goggle-eye jack (which many think is candy to an offshore predator) and then fish these baits from a kite where they struggle at the surface, then you increase your chances of hooking up to not one but as many as four sailfish or more at a time.