gold braid

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: braid - trimming used to decorate clothes or curtainsgold braid - trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains
aiguilette, aglet, aiglet - ornamental tagged cord or braid on the shoulder of a uniform
soutache - a narrow braid used as a decorative trimming
passementerie, trim, trimming - a decoration or adornment on a garment; "the trimming on a hat"; "the trim on a shirt"
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Before the gates were three young girls, dressed in handsome red uniforms trimmed with gold braid; and as Dorothy approached, one of them said to her:
Instead of shoes, the old man wore boots with turnover tops and his blue coat had wide cuffs of gold braid.
A captain marched in front of the company of fox-soldiers, his uniform embroidered with gold braid to make it handsomer than the others.
There is also a selection of hats including a station master's peaked cap emblazoned with gold braid.
As she built her case against him, Ted crumbled before our eyes, stripped of his gold braid and any remnants of dignity.
'It takes more than a gold braid to make a captain by being the driving force behind the recent successes recorded in the railway development in Nigeria, especially the continued operation of the Abuja-Kaduna rail lifeline.'
Populated, on the one side, by people in frock coats festooned with gold braid, and, on the other, begrimed laborers in goggles and grease-smeared coveralls or thrift-store chic, it's a pleasure to watch -- with the sound off.
Yet it touches you; here are the scraps of your grandmother's bureau drawer where she kept gifts too good to use: gold braid, velvet ribbon, antimacassars, old words for old things.
Maroon - strictly 'claret' - with gold braid are the silks of Sheikh Fahad Al Thani's Qatar Racing, Murphy's principal employers since signing the then 20-year-old in 2016.
Monarch and princes regularly appear in full regimental panoply with uniform, gold braid and medals.
Thousands of spectators at the exhibition watched in amazement as the balloon, piloted by little Louisa, who was dressed in a naval suit with gilt buttons and a gold braid cap, was carried high in the wind.
On the way out I bought a red-and-gold leather-look Ritz "Do Not Disturb" sign, suspended from gold braid, to hang on the back of my door.