gold of pleasure

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Noun1.Gold of pleasure - annual European false flax having small white flowersgold of pleasure - annual European false flax having small white flowers; cultivated since Neolithic times as a source of fiber and for its oil-rich seeds; widely naturalized in North America
crucifer, cruciferous plant - any of various plants of the family Cruciferae
Camelina, false flax, genus Camelina - annual and biennial herbs of Mediterranean to central Asia
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Species in the mix include: spring triticale; perennial rye; coleor kale; sweet fennel; gold of pleasure; brown mustard; fodder radish; sweet clover; phacelia; linseed and chicory.
Due to its Roman name Gold of Pleasure, from 1940s it was widely cultivated in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Also referred to as wild flax, false flax, or gold of pleasure, camelina grows well in colder climates.
The mist helps to seal in moisture with organic olive oil, gold of pleasure oil and vitamin E.