gold plate

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gold plate

1. (Metallurgy) a thin coating of gold, usually produced by electroplating
2. (Ceramics) vessels or utensils made of gold
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gold′ plate′

1. tableware or containers made of gold.
2. a plating, esp. electroplating, of gold.



v.t. -plat•ed, -plat•ing.
to coat (base metal) with gold, esp. by electroplating.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: plate - tableware that is plated with goldgold plate - tableware that is plated with gold  
tableware - articles for use at the table (dishes and silverware and glassware) plate - a thin plating of gold on something
metal plating, plating - a thin coating of metal deposited on a surface plate - plate with gold; "goldplate a watch"
plate - coat with a layer of metal; "plate spoons with silver"
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gold plate

nvasellame m d'oro
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"And Miss Estella - that's her niece, I think - handed her in cake and wine at the coach-window, on a gold plate. And we all had cake and wine on gold plates.
And let us, my brethren who have not our names in the Red Book, console ourselves by thinking comfortably how miserable our betters may be, and that Damocles, who sits on satin cushions and is served on gold plate, has an awful sword hanging over his head in the shape of a bailiff, or an hereditary disease, or a family secret, which peeps out every now and then from the embroidered arras in a ghastly manner, and will be sure to drop one day or the other in the right place.
The elected Queen of Love and Beauty was then to crown the knight whom the Prince should adjudge to have borne himself best in this second day, with a coronet composed of thin gold plate, cut into the shape of a laurel crown.
"Shouldn't wonder if she drove six white horses, ate off gold plate, and wore diamonds and point lace every day.
All the fingers and thumbs of the girl's hands had been carefully formed and stuffed and stitched at the edges, with gold plates at the ends to serve as finger-nails.
Byline: Submitted by the Gold Plate program of Du Quoin
SFS Falcons clinched the Gold Division title, Faisal 11 sealed the Silver Division, Coca Cola bagged the Bronze Division and Pure Magic emerged champions in the Gold Plate Division in the Challengers Cup 2018 organised at the ICC Academy indoor facilities in Dubai Sports City.
According to ( Business Insider , the Trump iPhone is basically an iPhone 7 that's been outfitted with a gold plate on its back.
Gold Plate, who has many satisfied clients to back that claim.
8 kg gold to TTD as part of a project to gold plate the temple.
The Louis XVI inspired gold plate and onyx piece was designed by George Chirita of Paris as the ultimate piece of office bling, priced at 17,000 euros.
Each coin, which has Corrie's own special 50th birthday logo on the reverse side, is finished in gold plate and comes with a ful lyillustrated booklet.