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Noun1.golden fig - a strangler tree native to southern Florida and West Indiesgolden fig - a strangler tree native to southern Florida and West Indies; begins as an epiphyte eventually developing many thick aerial roots and covering enormous areas
Ficus, genus Ficus - large genus of tropical trees or shrubs or climbers including fig trees
fig tree - any moraceous tree of the tropical genus Ficus; produces a closed pear-shaped receptacle that becomes fleshy and edible when mature
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There is a golden fig, Miss Penelope,--the fruit of great knowledge, the magical fruit, too, they say.
Choose from Noir de Basle Black Cherry, Apple, Alphonso and Hayden Mango, Yellow Passion Fruit and Turkish Golden Fig. They cost pounds 1.65 for four.
Chicago-based Black Tie Hors D'oeuvres was sampling its new Golden Fig & Mascarpone in Phyllo, Glazed Chicken Skewers, Parmesan Artichoke Hearts and Assorted Crostini at its booth.

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