golden hamster

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gold′en ham′ster

a light-colored hamster, Mesocricetus auratus, of Asia Minor, often kept as a laboratory animal or pet.
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Noun1.golden hamster - small light-colored hamster often kept as a petgolden hamster - small light-colored hamster often kept as a pet
hamster - short-tailed Old World burrowing rodent with large cheek pouches
genus Mesocricetus, Mesocricetus - golden hamsters
aranyhörcsögszíriai aranyhörcsög
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A There are a number of species that make great first pets but my favourite indoor pet is a golden hamster.
The theory that remote sites of infection might contribute to PTLBW was supported by a number of studies using the pregnant golden hamster model.
A Syrian golden hamster model recapitulating Ebola hemorrhagic fever.
Intraepithelial capillaries were recognizable because more than 2/3 of their circumference is surrounded by follicular epithelium as previously shown by Lietz and BAlcker (1974) and Sato (1959) in golden hamster.
If any beady-eyed residents of Lepton spot a portly golden hamster with an adventurous glint in his eye, please get in touch.
Important among them are BALB/c mice and Syrian golden hamster (primary tests), dogs (secondary tests) and monkeys viz.
Kevin McCole, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told Kettering magistrates how the teenager, from Corby, Northants, had threatened to microwave the female golden hamster on three previous occasions.
It said the one-year-old female golden hamster had to be put down after suffering severe burns.
In which Middle Eastern country was the golden hamster first discovered?
1975) in golden hamster, Cook in guinea pig and Habel & Stronberg (1982) in rats, stated that the cranial mesenteric artery arises from the aorta, caudally to the celiac artery, originating branches towards caudal direction, while the caudal mesenteric artery arises from the bifurcation of the abdominal aorta or from the right common iliac artery, and, sometimes, from the left one.
The Russian hamster, while considerably smaller than the Golden hamster, isn't a mini-version of the other species.