golden shiner

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Noun1.golden shiner - shiner of eastern North America having golden glintsgolden shiner - shiner of eastern North America having golden glints; sometimes also called `bream'
shiner - any of numerous small silvery North American cyprinid fishes especially of the genus Notropis
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When this happens, he reaches for a Livetarget Golden Shiner rattlebait.
Diel foraging behavior and prey selection in the golden shiner (Notemigonus crysoleucas).
While 11 of these were found in only one survey, Golden Shiner (Notemigonus crysoleucus) were found in all previous surveys, and Silver Chub (Macrhybopsis storeriana) were reported in three surveys.
Nest association of pumpkinseed, Lepomis gibbosus, and golden shiner, Notemigonus crysoleucas.
A plot of the frequency of occurrence of fishes for the 35 lakes, present against past, suggests (more than 50% change) the golden shiner, lake chubsucker, yellow bullhead, and grass pickerel are less common now, and the spotfin shiner and warmouth are more common.
The golden shiner is abundant in the eastern half of the United States.
or large individuals of the Golden Shiner (Notemigonus crysoleucas) were collected by nets or minnow traps.
Golden shiner was by far the most abundant species in our samples (70.
We drill several dozen holes and scout with big noisy lures like the Livetarget Golden Shiner and Northland Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon.
golden shiner Notemigonus crysoleucas, tadpole madtom Noturus gyrinus, and brook silverside Labidesthes sicculus) across rivers is likely due to channelization, destruction of riparian and floodplain habitat, and various effects from altered flow regimes (Menzel, 1981; Burr and Page, 1986; Sparks, 1995; Armitage and Rank, 2009).
It was taken with a live golden shiner off a dock on Lake St.
gibbosus), golden shiner (Notemigonus crysoleucas), yellow perch (Perca flavescens), grass pickerel (Esox americanus vermiculatus), bowfin (Amia calva), and yellow bullhead (Ictalurus natalis)] persisted.