golden wedding anniversary

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Noun1.golden wedding anniversary - the 50th wedding anniversarygolden wedding anniversary - the 50th wedding anniversary  
wedding anniversary - the anniversary of the day on which you were married (or the celebration of it)
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Couples celebrating their Golden Wedding anniversary this year are being invited to a special celebration to mark the landmark occasion.
During the Queen's golden wedding anniversary in 1997, she opened up about her relationship with Prince Philip.
SURPRISE golden wedding anniversary celebration was thrown by Teesside care home staff for a resident and his wife.
It has provided cash gifts, free and unlimited admission to cinemas in the city, free birthday cakes and golden wedding anniversary cakes, free medicines and subsidized medical services, and free tours, among others.
John and Jean Drinkwater from Accrington who are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary on March 16, 2018.
A FORMER Loughborough couple have renewed their marriage vows to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.
I have just celebrated my Golden Wedding anniversary and my children got me a copy of the Daily Mirror for that day.
A Stirling couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at the weekend.
Jean and Campbell Scott were welcomed by mayor Ian Coleman at a surprise civic reception to mark their golden wedding anniversary.
Patricia and Peter Meakin, aged 70 and 71, are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary by taking part in the Claire House Splash Dash, in Sefton Park, on Saturday, September 23.
To mark their golden wedding anniversary in 2014, the couple decided to stock their car with champagne, food, even a table and chair and travel to the site of their first meeting.
I AM writing to get in touch with my parents' best man as it is their Golden wedding anniversary in October.