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Adj.1.golden-green - of green tinged with gold
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The sun was already sinking when I reached the summit of the hill, and the long slopes beneath me were all golden-green on one side and gray shadow on the other.
When mid-autumn festival approaches, the pomelo trees will be heavily laden with golden-green pomelos, announcing that the fruits are ready for harvest.
Just as tough but a bit more fancy is its golden-green relative Dryopteris affinis, especially Cristata, which looks fresh and bright all summer when in moist soil.
The early works, on Slavich silver halide plates, hold their own against the latest work, despite being monochrome golden-green, because the items were carefully chosen as metallic or ceramic items of similar colour.
Workers have fanned out across the state's more than 700 vineyards, including the RainSong Winery near Cheshire, snipping away at clusters of deep purple, red and golden-green fruit for a harvest that could top last year's 23,450 tons by 30 percent.
Now see the golden-green light grow strong and bright, strengthening and healing mind, body and spirit.
* Flank a single 'Raspberry Ruffles' coleus (or other red-and-green-leafed variety) with two lime-gold coleus such as 'Golda' or a golden-green sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas 'Marguerite').
Foliage is a bright golden-green colour with a coarse rough texture.