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1. Either of two diving ducks (Bucephala clangula or B. islandica) of northern regions, having a short black bill, a rounded head, and yellow eyes.
2. Any of various lacewings of the family Chrysopidae having yellow or copper-colored eyes.

[From their golden-yellow eyes.]


n, pl -eyes or -eye
1. (Animals) either of two black-and-white diving ducks, Bucephala clangula or B. islandica, of northern regions
2. (Animals) any lacewing of the family Chrysopidae that has a greenish body and eyes of a metallic lustre


(ˈgoʊl dənˌaɪ)

n., pl. -eyes, (esp. collectively) -eye.
either of two yellow-eyed diving ducks, Bucephala clangula of Eurasia and North America or B. islandica of North America.
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Noun1.goldeneye - a variety of green lacewinggoldeneye - a variety of green lacewing    
chrysopid, green lacewing, stink fly - pale green unpleasant-smelling lacewing fly having carnivorous larvae
2.goldeneye - large-headed swift-flying diving duck of Arctic regions
duck - small wild or domesticated web-footed broad-billed swimming bird usually having a depressed body and short legs
Bucephala, genus Bucephala - buffleheads and goldeneyes
Barrow's goldeneye, Bucephala islandica - North American goldeneye diving duck
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Contract notice: Perform an inventory of natural species including otter lutra lutra, dytiscus latissimus dytiscus latissimus, boreal owl aegolius funereus and common goldeneye bucephala clangula - complement the knowledge about the objects of protection and conditions of their protection in natura 2000 areas.
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