golf cap

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eyeshade, visor, vizor, peak, bill - a brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes; "he pulled down the bill of his cap and trudged ahead"
cap - a tight-fitting headdress
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equipment components: raincoat mp, reflective vest with inscription, turtleneck service - long sleeve, t-shirt black - short sleeve with inscription, working pants - summer, blue - long sleeve shirt, golf cap, beret mp.
'The police seized a pair of sandals, a golf cap, a black Corolla (ATT 779) from the crime scene in which 10 empty cans of beer were found (bought in the name of Syed Mir Mustafa Rashidi),' said the DIG East.
The police official added that a pair of sandals, a golf cap, blood samples and a black Corolla were seized from the crime scene.
A team entry fee includes golf, range balls, golf cart, golf shirt, golf cap, golf balls and other sponsored gifts, pre-tournament players' breakfast and tickets for four players at the dinner on the lawn overlooking the bay and city lights.
King stepped from the cart, removed his blue golf cap, and said, "Is that any way to address a man on his national birthday?"
I was driving my car and was ordered by a soldier to disembark and take off my golf cap and shades, just to irritate us.
The automated teller machine was unveiled on a north London high street by the star of On The Buses, wearing slacks, a cardigan and a golf cap. He fed in a paper cheque (it wasn't yet a plastic card) and withdrew a tenner.
For these reasons I doff Fred's funky red golf cap to this week's gold star winner, 11-year-old Lucy Li from For these reasons I doff Fred's funky red golf cap to this week's gold star winner, 11-year-old Lucy Li from California.
Oh, and posing naked apart from a golf cap, with his bits and pieces tucked in between his legs, as a terrified hound runs past - obvs.
This is a nation on the go, with Berdymuhamedov jogging ahead in his golf cap and track suit.
Sydney, Dec 7( ANI ): Three days after his emotional Test farewell in Perth against South Africa, Ricky Ponting has swapped his battered baggy green for a golf cap and was out tramping the fairways at the Australian Open at The Lakes in Sydney.
A strict classic dress code is always enforced, similar to the old school classic golf dress with knickers or dress shorts, argyle knee socks, collared shirt, and golf cap. Shoes worn are the same shoes used for Turf Soccer, not golf shoes or soccer cleats.