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Noun1.gomphothere - extinct elephants of Central American and South America; of the Miocene and Pleistocene
elephant - five-toed pachyderm
genus Gomphotherium, Gomphotherium - type genus of the Gomphotheriidae
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They used similar methodology to date the remains of a variety of gomphothere (an extinct relative of the mastodon) found near the skeleton to around 40,000 years ago.
Ancient North America's Clovis people, known as mammoth and mastodon hunters of the Great Plains, may have started out as gomphothere hunters of northwestern Mexico.
Remains of eight orders of land mammals, including insectivores, chiropterans, a lagomorph, a large carnivore, rodents, horses, a prosynthetocerine, and a gomphothere, have been recovered.
Neotropical anachronisms: the fruits the gomphotheres ate.