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(word root) angle
Examples of words with the root -gon: pentagon
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And shippes by the brinke comen and gon, And in swich forme endure a day or two.
Than longen folk to gon on pilgrimages, And palmeres for to seken strange strondes.
Three or four black government wag- gons, with crosses in white circles, and an old omnibus, among other vehicles, were being loaded in the village street.
The Bill tabled by GoN was not in Nepal's national interest and GoN became irked with the attempt to ensure that it is in Nepal's interest bafflingly and chose not to have the legislation promulgated at all.
Name: Sai Gon Joint Stock Commercial Bank Tra Vinh Branch Nguyen Dang Transaction Office; Address: No.
Manila Water said MWSAH had subscribed to Sai Gon Water shares at 16,900 Vietnamese dong per share.
At the time of the raid, Ye Gon was already under arrest in the US.
To our knowledge, this is the first study to compare the effectiveness of GON block in patients under medical prophylaxis with that of GON block alone in migraine patients.
While one analyst expressed concern Kim Yang Gon paid with his life for the failure of the peace talks, another predicted his death could worsen ties between the two Koreas.
With regard to South Korean policy, Kim Yang Gon had a very good social network and was a good interlocutor for the North with the South," Madden said.
Desde que en junio pasado la Suprema Corte de Estados Unidos rechazo atraer el caso de Zhenli Ye Gon, el gobierno de Enrique Pena Nieto esta a la espera de que el Departamento de Estado decida extraditar al empresario chino naturalizado mexicano.
Entre los miles de chinos migrantes a Mexico a finales del siglo xx, Ye Gon vino de Hong Kong a la Ciudad de Mexico en 1994 y se instalo en el barrio chino del Centro Historico, donde una comunidad oriental esta asentada alli desde mas de medio siglo atras.