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An organ in animals that produces gametes, especially a testis or ovary.

[New Latin gonas, gonad-, from Greek gonos, procreation, genitals; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

go·nad′al (gō-năd′l), go·nad′ic adj.
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Adj.1.gonadal - of or relating to the gonads; "gonadal hormones"


a. gonadal, rel. a una glándula gónada;
___ dysgenesisdistenesia, malformación ___.
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The sex chromosome DSD also include 45X/46XY mixed gonadal dysgenesis, Turner's syndrome (TS) and Klinefelter's syndrome (KS)5-7.
Endocrine and gonadal changes during the reproductive cycle of walleye.
Aromatase inhibitor, Carp (Cyprinus carpio), Letrozole, Endocrine disruption, Gonadal differentiation-related genes.
In those without breasts, gonadal dysgenesis or gonadal enzymatic deficiency may explain no estrogen production.
The present study also provided the first opportunity to report a gonadal infection by trematode and Marteilia-like parasites in S.
Fellows are also exposed to all facets of the broad spectrum of bone metabolic disorders such as parathyroid problems, osteoporosis, lipid disorders, pituitary diseases and tumors, adrenal disorders, gonadal disorders, transgender care, and others.
Chromosomal translocations constitute one of the most important, yet uncommon, causes of primary amenorrhea and gonadal dysgenesis.
Dado que la histologia gonadal de la ostra perla solo ha sido reportada en poblaciones, naturales y que el desarrollo gametogenico es modulado por el ciclo de nutrientes, la produccion de gametos de una cohorte de juveniles deberia fluctuar de acuerdo a los componentes ambientales asociados al engorde y crecimiento hasta conformar la poblacion adulta.
Karyotyping and bar bodies from buccal mucosa can be used for the diagnosis; however, for final diagnosis, histological documentation of both types of gonadal epithelium is a must.
1977) or may be located in accessory structure(s) previously referred to as seminal vesicles (Eggert, 1931; Young and Fox, 1937) or sperm duct glands (Miller, 1984) and more recently as accessory gonadal structures, or AGS (Cole and Robertson, 1988) (see Fishelson, 1991 for summary).
Papers describe the latest work in areas such as collagen secretion pathways, bacterial chromosome organization, ion channels in development and cancer, and genetics of gonadal stem cell removal.
This meta-analysis does not address depression associated with the gonadal steroid fluctuations of the perimenopause or recent estradiol withdrawal of the immediate postmenopause," the colleagues wrote.