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n. Nautical
One who propels a gondola.

[French, from Italian gondoliere, from gondola, gondola; see gondola.]


(Nautical Terms) a person who propels a gondola


(ˌgɒn dlˈɪər)

a person who rows or poles a gondola.
[1595–1605; < Italian gondoliere. See gondola, -ier2]
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Noun1.gondolier - a (Venetian) boatman who propels a gondolagondolier - a (Venetian) boatman who propels a gondola
boatman, waterman, boater - someone who drives or rides in a boat
نوتي الزورَق، سائِق الغوندولا


[ˌgɒndəˈlɪəʳ] Ngondolero m


[ˌgɒndəˈlɪər] ngondolier m


nGondoliere m


[ˌgɒndəˈlɪəʳ] ngondoliere m


(ˈgondələ) noun
1. a long narrow boat used on the canals of Venice.
2. a kind of safety cage for people who are working on the outside of a tall building to stand in.
gondoˈlier (-ˈliə) noun
a person who rows a gondola.
References in classic literature ?
I know a little man from whom I can hire what I should want for a few months, for a trifle, and my gondolier can bring the things round in his boat.
the fairy boat in which the princely cavaliers of the olden time were wont to cleave the waters of the moonlit canals and look the eloquence of love into the soft eyes of patrician beauties, while the gay gondolier in silken doublet touched his guitar and sang as only gondoliers can sing
However, when I observed that the other gondolas had sailed away, and my gondolier was preparing to go overboard, I stopped.
At long intervals, the warning cry of a belated gondolier was just audible, as he turned the corner of a distant canal, and called to invisible boats which might be approaching him in the darkness.
Ruskin had visited Torcello by this time, and was ordering his gondoliers to take him to Murano.
The sentinel at the water gate was bribed with a bag containing ten livres weight of gold; and as far as the two gondoliers, they believed they were serving the Republic.
In this crowning unreality, where all the streets were paved with water, and where the deathlike stillness of the days and nights was broken by no sound but the softened ringing of church-bells, the rippling of the current, and the cry of the gondoliers turning the corners of the flowing streets, Little Dorrit, quite lost by her task being done, sat down to muse.
LOS ANGELES, June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Venice High School's Annual Gondo Golf Classic at Robinson Ranch is on Monday, June 17, 2013 to raise money for VHS Gondolier Athletic Teams and Facility Improvements.
The gondolier stuck his pole in alongside the pillared frontage of the Banco Medici for Nick to step ashore.
Marco joins his Gondolier papa to take tourists through the canals of Venice, but when a tourist leaves his camera on the gondola, Marco forgets being a gondolier to play sleuth on a race through Venice as he attempts to reunite the lost camera with its red capped tourist owner.
Wonder if she told the gondolier to Shut Up And Drive?
A MUM of two ended 900 years of male dominance on the canals of Venice when she became the first woman gondolier.