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Noun1.gondoliere - a (Venetian) boatman who propels a gondolagondoliere - a (Venetian) boatman who propels a gondola
boatman, waterman, boater - someone who drives or rides in a boat
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[Just as when he [the sun] makes his earliest rays vibrate There where his maker shed the blood, [i.e., in Jerusalem, the place of the Passion] As Ibero [the river Ebro in Spain] was falling under Libra standing high, And the waves in the Ganges from the ninth hour he was heating again, So the sun stood; hence, the day was going away, When the glad angel of God appeared to us.] In his commentary to the Divine Comedy, published in Venice at the Tipi del Gondoliere in 1837 in two volumes, Niccolo Tommaseo (10) at this point, in his gloss to the word "quando", explained plainly: "Il sole nel Purg.
and the Il Gondoliere, a newly-opened Italian restaurant in Seef, oozes class and delivers delights, offering a menu, which in these challenging times, is perfectly priced.
Quando l'amico Zen, mediocre basso e pessimo insegnante perche ossessionato dall'antico metodo del setticlavio per intonare le note, chiede a Chisiola di far cantare Nene in un concerto che dovrebbe rilanciare la sua scuola privata di canto, scoppia la crisi: la ragazza si innamora di Mirate, un gondoliere dalla voce potente di tenore, con il quale canta in duetto; nasce una relazione che desta scandalo in citta, mentre Zen s'indebita per mantenere la classe di cantori di setticlavio.
Among the celebrated works and lesser-known treasures is Ditlev Blunck's En gondoliere of 1832.
managed to its as one most I stayed with the fish theme and after much deliberation over a number of tantalising dishes checked out the filetto di branzino al gondoliere (pounds 18.50).