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"That claw is a goner," one of the station baggage-men said, straightening up from an examination of Michael through the bars.
He 's a goner anyhow in about five minutes--yeh kin see that.
"Hi, there--look out, Em!" exclaimed the old man, as Aunt Em advanced a step; "take care o' the wild beastses, or you're a goner!"
I thought I was a goner, for whenever anybody was after anybody I judged it was ME -- or maybe Jim.
"They're goners, I guess," said the Patchwork Girl.
The Karakoram Highway has been opened for all types of traffic after being blocked at 25 points between Tatta Pani and Goner Form in Diamer district.
Higgins's fellow Scot Stephen Maguire is also a goner after a shock 4-2 loss to Yuan Sijun last night.
ISLAMABAD -- Five women including a girl were killed and four other people injured when a van skidded off the road due to snow and fell into Indus River near Goner in Diamer on Thursday, police said.
According to police sources, the passengers carry van was on way to Islamabad from Gilgit when the driver lost control and the van overturned on Karakorarm Highway in district Diamer near Goner Farm.
Goner put the record out in 1998, it killed, and everyone moved on.
Simon Ereira says he thought he 'was a goner' when he started hallucinating