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The outer point on either side of the lower jaw at which the jawbone angles upward.

[French, from Greek gōniā, angle; see genu- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -nia (-nɪə)
(Anatomy) anatomy the point or apex of the angle of the lower jaw
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek gōnia angle]
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Noun1.gonion - the craniometric point on either side at the apex of the lower jaw
craniometric point - a landmark on the skull from which craniometric measurements can be taken
jawbone, jowl, lower jaw, lower jawbone, mandible, mandibula, mandibular bone, submaxilla - the jaw in vertebrates that is hinged to open the mouth
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Further, CB in the sample population was located below gonion (Go) of the mandible, and the CB-Go measurements varied from 1.
b) Lateral cephalometric radiographs skeletal reference points: Nasion (N), sella (S), orbitale (Or), porion (Po), condylon(Co), anterior nasal spine (ANS), posterior nasal spine (PNS), point (A), point (B), gnathion (Gn), menton (Me), and gonion (Go).
Three anatomical bony landmarks- Nasion (Na), Condylon (Cy) and Gonion (Go) were selected and two anthropometric measurements (Na-Cy and Na-Go) taken with the mouth closed (in centric relation (CR) position of the temporomandibular joints) and wide open with the help of the sliding caliper and the subject sitting on the chair in relaxed state and head in the anatomical position
2) Another case was discovered during a reanalysis of human bones excavated from a megalithic tomb at Millin Bay in County Down in 1953, which consisted of an adult male mandible with clear cut marks across the right ramus and gonion (Murphy 2003).
5 I-SN ([degrees]) 103 102 103 IMPA ([degrees]) 90 94 95 [SIGMA]: sum of inner angles; GoMe-SN: Gonion, Menton-Sella, Nasion; FMA: Frankfort-mandibular plane angle; SNA: Sella--Nasion-point A; SNB: Sella-Nasion-point B; ANB: point A-Nasion-point B; NperA: Nasion perpendicular point A; I-SN: Incisor-Sella, Nasion; IMPA: Incisor-mandibular plane angle
Gwylltiodd Nans yn gonion ac atebodd "Meindia dy fusnas, wnes i ddim gofyn iti ddod yma i roi dy farn," a chanlynodd gyda'r fath iaith nes roeddwn i, ond plentyn, wedi dychryn braidd, a phenderfynais nad oedd Nans yn perthyn i Ysgol Sul tra bu'n byw yn Llundain.
Por otro lado, los puntos de referencia mandibulares fueron: menton (Me), e infradental (Id) y los puntos de referencia derechos e izquierdos de condilion (Cdd, Cdi) y gonion (God, Goi) (figura 3).
The Jaffes also claim an unspecified ownership stake in the famed Gonion Collection of glass-plate negatives, which has drawn many competing claims.
Encontraron que todos los puntos presentan similar reproducibilidad en las dos radiografias, excepto infraorbitario, espina nasal posterior, articular, porion y basion con menor error interobservador en la imagen digital directa; en otro estudio, Sandler reporto que los puntos articular y gonion son mas reproducibles con el trazo manual.
Equus conversidens locality (1979) Aboral height of vertical ramus 182 -- Oral height of vertical ramus 217 -- Middle height of vertical ramus 189 -- Height of mandible behind m3 106 -- Length of gonion caudale-aboral border of alveolus of m3 112 -- Length of m3 25.