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n. goniopuntura, tratamiento de glaucoma por punción en la cámara anterior del ojo.
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However, the long-term efficacy of IOP control in deep sclerectomy is poor, unlike in trabeculectomy, in which case a number of adjunctive techniques are being used to increase the efficacy like intraoperative use of antimetabolites, Ologen like intrascleral implants [8] as well as performing laser goniopuncture early when the IOP rises above the target value.
Therefore, a range of methods to prevent the collapse has been proposed, including a collagen implant [41], a slit incision of Schlemm's canal [42], or goniopuncture [43].
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Goniopuncture was performed in both groups when filtration through TDM was suspected to be insufficient accompanied by elevated IOP.
YAG laser goniopuncture was performed after 2 to 12 months in 26 eyes (12.1%), which were included in the analysis.
Q-switched laser iridectomy and Q-switched laser goniopuncture. Adv Ophthalmol.
"Non-penetrating glaucoma surgery has fewer complications than a traditional trabeculectomy (first done in 1968) and allows us the option to perform YAG-laser goniopuncture at a later stage thus transforming non-penetrating surgery into a penetrating one," Dr Kazakova explains.
Also, any further intervention needed was recorded such as yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) laser goniopuncture, needling, or ab interno revision plus subconjunctival 5-fluouracil injection.
In three patients in the postoperative period (1 month after surgery) we noticed a slight elevation in IOP (above 25 mmHg); therefore goniopuncture was performed.
In the canaloplasty group, only two eyes required further intervention (anterior chamber reformation and goniopuncture), while in the trabeculectomy group, a total of 112 procedures were necessary to control IOP (5FU injection, 5-FU needling, bevacizumab injection, laser suture lysis, anterior chamber reformation, bleb revision, cataract surgery, and conjunctival closure).