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n. goniotomía, procedimiento para tratar el glaucoma congénito.
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360-degree goniotomy with the TRAB360 can be used as a standalone procedure or combined with cataract surgery.
Although traditional surgical procedures for the management of pediatric glaucoma, such as goniotomy, trabeculotomy, and combined trabeculotomy and trabeculectomy have high success rates when performed as initial surgical procedures(1,2), many of the children with pediatric glaucoma will require other forms of surgical therapy to achieve adequate control of intraocular pressure (IOP).
sup][3] Previous studies have reported that goniotomy and trabeculotomy are the preferred initial surgical intervention for PCG.
Goniotomy and trabeculotomy are preferred as the initial surgical intervention for patients with PCG because of their effectiveness in reducing the IOP and their relatively low rate of serious complications.
67,68,69) Glaucoma drainage implant surgery and goniotomy are other surgical methods that may be employed in pediatric uveitis patients.
Prophylactic goniotomy has been found to be quite effective in the prevention of glaucoma in patients with aniridia.
Surgical treatment includes procedures used for treating glaucoma (argon laser trabeculoplasty, goniotomy, trabeculotomy, trabeculectomy with or without associated topical antimetabolites, surgery with implantation of glaucoma drainage devices and cyclocryotherapy or cyclophotocoagulation) and a prophylactic procedure (prophylactic goniotomy) [1, 13].
Goniotomy is one procedure that can be used and involves the removal of tissue with the aid of a goniolens, thus relieving the compressive forces on the anterior part of the uvea and the trabecular network.
surgical options are goniotomy, trabeculotomy, aqueous shunt procedures or cyclodestructive procedures.
2-7) Besides the conventional procedures which include goniotomy, trabeculotomy ab externo and trabeculectomy, many new surgical procedures have been developed as safer and probably more efficacious alternatives.