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n. gonococemia, presencia de gonococos en la sangre.
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Although rarer, bacteraemia adopts a less aggressive clinical course, such as chronic meningococcemia, indistinguishable from chronic gonococcemia, which is a rare infection characterized by intermittent fever episodes, maculopapular rash, and arthralgia; it can also adopt the form of transient meningococcemia, characterized by fever and unspecified rash over a 2-5-day evolution period where presence of N.
Diagnoses that would tie these signs and symptoms together include disseminated gonococcemia, chlamydial infections, Reiter's syndrome, and Stevens Johnson syndrome.
(43) Neonatal gonococcal endocarditis has not been reported, although infants are theoretically more susceptible to gonococcemia because of the absence of IgM antigonococcal antibody.