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adj. Slang
1. Using an exaggerated, highly subjective style, as in journalism: "a hyperkinetic, gonzo version of Graham Greene" (New Yorker).
2. Extreme, unconventional, or bizarre: gonzo artwork; a gonzo snowboarding style.
3. Crazy, excited, or unrestrained: Fans went gonzo when the band came out.

[Perhaps Italian, simpleton (perhaps short for Borgonzone, Burgundian) or Spanish ganso, dullard, goose (of Germanic origin; see ghans- in Indo-European roots).]


1. wild or crazy
2. (Journalism & Publishing) (of journalism) explicitly including the writer's feelings at the time of witnessing the events or undergoing the experiences written about
n, pl gonzos
a wild or crazy person
[C20: perhaps from Italian, literally: fool, or Spanish ganso idiot, bumpkin (literally: goose)]


(ˈgɒn zoʊ)
fiercely advocative or partial without regard for balance or objectivity.
[1970–75, Amer.; appar. first used by U.S. journalist Hunter S. Thompson (b. 1939); perhaps < Italian: simpleton]
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Adj.1.gonzo - conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusualgonzo - conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual; "restaurants of bizarre design--one like a hat, another like a rabbit"; "famed for his eccentric spelling"; "a freakish combination of styles"; "his off-the-wall antics"; "the outlandish clothes of teenagers"; "outre and affected stage antics"
unconventional - not conventional or conformist; "unconventional life styles"
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