good Samaritan

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Good Samaritan

A compassionate person who unselfishly helps others, especially strangers.

[After the Samaritan passerby in the New Testament parable who was the only person to aid a man who had been beaten and robbed (Luke 10:30-37).]

Good Samaritan

1. (Bible) New Testament a figure in one of Christ's parables (Luke 10:30–37) who is an example of compassion towards those in distress
2. a kindly person who helps another in difficulty or distress


(or Good′) Samar′itan,

a person who voluntarily gives help to those in distress or need. Luke 10:30–37.
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Noun1.good Samaritan - a person who voluntarily offers help or sympathy in times of trouble
benefactor, helper - a person who helps people or institutions (especially with financial help)
References in classic literature ?
She is a good Samaritan by an irresistible vocation.
He sat writing in the room with the deadly statistical clock, proving something no doubt - probably, in the main, that the Good Samaritan was a Bad Economist.
Thank you very much," he said, "for playing the Good Samaritan.
The poor man blest him for it, and he blest the poor man, and was so like the Good Samaritan that he gave him money to refresh both himself and his horse, and told him, that if he loved himself, he should be merciful to his beast.
The die is the same as the porochial seal--the Good Samaritan healing the sick and bruised man.
in the rabble, had attempted to carry a glass of water to that wretched creature in torment, there reigned around the infamous steps of the pillory such a prejudice of shame and ignominy, that it would have sufficed to repulse the good Samaritan.
I'm his good Samaritan, and you'll have to be the same to him if you buy him.
I have simply done my best to play the Good Samaritan.
We climbed a high hill to visit the city of Samaria, where the woman may have hailed from who conversed with Christ at Jacob's Well, and from whence, no doubt, came also the celebrated Good Samaritan.
He was a barrister by profession; a ladies' man by temperament; and a good Samaritan by choice.
If you should be inclined," the letter went on, "to play the good Samaritan, dear Elizabeth, I am positive you would find Minora a bright, intelligent companion--"
Mrs Plornish's father,--a poor little reedy piping old gentleman, like a worn-out bird; who had been in what he called the music- binding business, and met with great misfortunes, and who had seldom been able to make his way, or to see it or to pay it, or to do anything at all with it but find it no thoroughfare,--had retired of his own accord to the Workhouse which was appointed by law to be the Good Samaritan of his district (without the twopence, which was bad political economy), on the settlement of that execution which had carried Mr Plornish to the Marshalsea College.