good Samaritan law

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good′ Samar′itan law`

a law exempting from liability physicians or others who aid strangers in grave physical distress.
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Good Samaritan Law

n. Ley del buen samaritano, protección legal al facultativo o a otras personas que prestan ayuda médica en casos de emergencia.
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His widow, Frances, believes a Good Samaritan Law would have made no difference on that tragic day.
For this reason, a law similar to the good Samaritan law needs to be in place that prevents someone from bringing a suit against an individual when he or she makes a well-intentioned effort to assist an injured person but the person dies anyway.
However, more than three quarters - or 78 per cent - of them are willing to extend help once the Good Samaritan Law is passed.
Ranzini appealed, arguing that the location of the emergency "is of no consequence." She claimed that she was protected by the Good Samaritan law because she treated Velazquez, who was not her patient, when she had no duty to do so.
The first was that the Good Samaritan law was tailored to apply "at the scene" of an emergency.
The village of Oak Park is trying to get the state's Good Samaritan law, which protects health care professionals who provide care in emergency situations, to cover retired physicians who want to work, he said.
"I don't think that is a very smart approach because, in the event that something happens, the first question people will ask will be, "Why didn't you have an AED?'" Moreover, he noted, in most states, according to the Good Samaritan Law, any citizen acting in good faith by administering CPR or using an AED in an emergency is protected from liability.
The 911 Good Samaritan law offers protection from prosecution for low-level drug offenses for anyone having an overdose and the person who calls for medical attention.
Shespent years filing several iterations of the so-called Good Samaritan law, which offers immunity from possession charges to any residents who call for emergency services when a companion overdoses.
More than three quarters (78%) of people in the UAE are willing to help people caught in medical emergencies once the Good Samaritan Law is enforced in the country, new research from YouGov reveals.
Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer found themselves stranded in the mythical small town of Latham, Massachusetts, where a Good Samaritan Law had just been enacted.