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The movie was amusing in many places and was a good continuation of the first one in keeping with its reputation of being a family-friendly film that even the adults will enjoy.
Reportedly, Evrell has resigned to focus on other and this advance announcement is made in order to secure a good continuation for Boliden.
We could've equalised in the second half and we didn't, but it was a good game and good continuation of the pre-season.
The Wicked Within is a good continuation of the Darkness Becomes Her series.
For us it is a good continuation of what we have been doing for the past year and a half."
The hearing of a series of notes played by a single instrument as a melody could be attributed to the gestalt principles of similarity, promixity and good continuation (a listener has used cues such as similarity, proximity and good continuation to segregate out a sound source from the complex auditory environment).