good speller

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Noun1.good speller - someone who spells words
writer - a person who is able to write and has written something
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He is also a good speller and is good on grammar and punctuation.
One autistic boy I worked with was very intelligent, and was also a very good speller.
Having begotten a good speller is no small matter to a writer.
Think about it; we all have a friend we regard as a good speller.
He added: 'I was always a very good speller at school and I think I must have assumed I still would be.
I've been a good speller for quite a few years,' he said.
He said yesterday, 'I have been a good speller for quite a few years - I was in the top group for spelling at primary school.
Ever since he was really young he's loved to read, I think this is how he has managed to become such a good speller.
And I'm still a good speller, so I'll be carefully checking your recommendations for errors.
There's no real secret to being a good speller, Sean said.
One risk you may want to consider: if you are a good speller when you begin reading, you may not be after you finish the book.