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Noun1.good speller - someone who spells words
writer - a person who is able to write and has written something
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"Really I'm actually a good speller, but everyone said the fingers aren't as good as the brain," the president said.
I am lucky enough to be a good speller and I loved English so much, it was my favourite subject at school.
So, I talk to them about how I'm not a very good speller.
When I met her, she told me, "Renee, I hear you're a good speller and we need more good spellers in the office." I was so excited to be working with Mrs.
For years, Facebook has been a pleasant medium to share milestones in your life, like changes in your relationships with your parents, significant other, and your dog; photos from your vacation and what you ate or cooked for dinner; for taking tests ensure you're the smartest, a good speller, have a good aura, etc.
He is also a good speller and is good on grammar and punctuation.
The excuses "I've never been a good speller" and "I didn't do well in English" are quite common and are the equivalent excuses to the math excuse that you referred to.
Having begotten a good speller is no small matter to a writer.
Instruments used for data collection include a pre- and post-test of high frequency writing words, the Richard Gentry Developmental Spelling Inventory, pre- and post-intervention "Am I a Good Speller?" student self-assessment checklist, pre- and post-intervention writing samples, and a teacher survey.
Think about it; we all have a friend we regard as a good speller. Admittedly, only a few students have excellent visual memory, but there are some.
'I've been a good speller for quite a few years,' he said.