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or good-bye also good-by (go͝od-bī′)
Used to express an acknowledgment of parting.
n. pl. good·byes or good-byes also good-bys
1. An acknowledgment at parting, especially by saying "goodbye."
2. An act of parting or leave-taking: many sad goodbyes.

[Alteration (influenced by good day) of God be with you.]


or good•bye


interj., n., pl. -byes. interj.
1. (a conventional expression used at parting.)
2. an act of saying good-bye; farewell.
[1565–75; contraction of God be with ye]
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Noun1.good-bye - a farewell remarkgood-bye - a farewell remark; "they said their good-byes"
farewell, word of farewell - an acknowledgment or expression of goodwill at parting


or goodbye
also good-by
A separation of two or more people:
Of, done, given, or said on departing:
References in classic literature ?
HIGGINS [coming grimly at her from the divan, and accompanying her to the door] Good-bye.
Go and say good-bye to Miss Watkin, and we'll go home.
Johnny Dooit next came on the platform with his tool-chest, and in a few minutes built a great flying machine; then put his chest in the machine and the whole thing flew away together--Johnny and all--after he had bid good-bye to those present and thanked the Princess for her hospitality.
Madame Karenina entered the carriage again to say good-bye to the countess.
The women cried over Cathy, so did even those stern warriors, the Rocky Mountain Rangers; Shekels was there, and the Cid, and Sardanapalus, and Potter, and Mongrel, and Sour-Mash, Famine, and Pestilence, and Cathy kissed them all and wept; details of the several arms of the garrison were present to represent the rest, and say good-bye and God bless you for all the soldiery; and there was a special squad from the Seventh, with the oldest veteran at its head, to speed the Seventh's Child with grand honors and impressive ceremonies; and the veteran had a touching speech by heart, and put up his hand in salute and tried to say it, but his lips trembled and his voice broke, but Cathy bent down from the saddle and kissed him on the mouth and turned his defeat to victory, and a cheer went up.
This having been agreed upon, Dorothy bade good-bye to all her friends.
I ought to be grateful for this chance of seeing you once more, of saying good-bye to you.
Yet I left her with an aching sense of having been a brute, and on the morning of my departure from Paris, as I said good-bye to William and Dora, I spoke somewhat seriously of Semiramis.
I have come,' said Joe, 'to say good-bye--to say good-bye for I don't know how many years; perhaps for ever.
This is the last time you can summon us," said the leader to Dorothy; "so good-bye and good luck to you.
Dorothy held Eureka in her arms and bade her friends a fond good-bye.
My OWN DARLING FRIEND:--WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS my feelings over not being able to go up this morning to say good-bye to one I so FONDLY ADORE.