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Cheerful; amiable.

good′-hu′mored·ly adv.
good′-hu′mored·ness n.
References in classic literature ?
No; only heard of him; but don't believe in him at all, said the other good-humoredly.
Matvey put his hands in his jacket pockets, thrust out one leg, and gazed silently, good-humoredly, with a faint smile, at his master.
It is true, they now and then filched a few trifles from their good friends, the Big Hearts, when their backs were turned; but then, they always treated them to their faces with the utmost deference and respect, and good-humoredly vied with the trappers in all kinds of feats of activity and mirthful sports.
Pierre was one of those retired gentlemen-in-waiting of whom there were hundreds good-humoredly ending their days in Moscow.
But come, Eva," he said; and taking the hand of his daughter, he stepped across the boat, and carelessly putting the tip of his finger under Tom's chin, said, good-humoredly, "Look-up, Tom, and see how you like your new master.
Never mind, my boy," he added, good-humoredly, seeing Tom still looked grave; "I don't doubt you mean to do well.
Brooke, good-humoredly, nursing his leg, "I can't turn my back on Dorothea.
Oh, of course, if you like," said Sir James, pulling down his waistcoat, but unable yet to adjust his face good-humoredly.
In a poem called "The Present," for example, he good-humoredly challenges the popular idea of how great it is to live in the present.
The idea subsequently evolved into an R&D facility located on the outskirts of Vernon, British Columbia, staffed by full-and part-time engineers good-humoredly referred to internally as the company's "mad scientists.
The satisfaction produced by this little by-play was heartily and good-humoredly manifested by the crowd on the left side of the field waving their handkerchiefs, which was promptly returned by their friends opposite, and soon thousands of pieces of white drapery were floating in the air, creating a sight probably never before witnessed on a similar occasion.
Once Moore had good-humoredly complained: "Sydney at breakfast made me actually cry with laughing.