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Never say die, take a pinch of snuff, goodbye, goodbye!" squalled Polly, dancing on her perch, and clawing at the old lady's cap as Laurie tweaked him in the rear. Makes Sure That You Never Deny Your Friends, Family And Loved Ones, The Pain Of Not Saying Goodbye!
In the near-barrage of books about the Catholic Church scandal scheduled to be released in the next year, Goodbye! Good Men is a minor player, although thanks to fortunate timing and salacious subject matter, it has received more publicity than any self-published author could ever hope for--not to mention the prominent placement in a superstore most Catholic publishers only dream about.
Goodbye! Good Men is, at best, an ideological rant about the decline of orthodoxy and the prevalence of gays in the priesthood and, at worst, a potentially libelous attack on Catholic seminaries.
Inquiries for this article to Rose's Aquinas Publishing in Cincinnati--which published Goodbye! Good Men in April as a paperback with the subtitle, "How Catholic Seminaries Turned Away Two Generations of Vocations from the Priesthood"--and to the conservative secular publisher Regnery Publishing in Washington, D.C.--which released it in hardback a month later with a new cover and subtitle, "How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church"--were not returned.
Rose, Catholic commentator and investigative journalist, whose latest book Goodbye! Good Men picks up where the Curtiss controversy left off, and is even more startling in its revelations.
The background story of Goodbye! Good Men also bears mentioning.