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Kind and generous.

good′heart′ed·ly adv.
good′heart′ed·ness n.
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Characterized by kindness and concern for others:
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That girl is pretty and sweet and goodhearted, but do you think she is quite right in her mind, by spells, Anne?
Being naturally goodhearted, and having had once a liking for Athos, which had grown into a sincere friendship, he was delighted at thus meeting a man full of intelligence and moral strength, instead of a drunkard.
Walk him up and down, my dear fellow," he continued, with that gay brotherly cordiality which goodhearted young people show to everyone when they are happy.
Withal he was a goodhearted fellow--too much so, it appeared.
He was among over 100 goodhearted soldiers who volunteered to get their hair cut at their Wiltshire base and raise money for Help for Heroes, a new charity formed to help servicemen and women who have been wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq.