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adj. good·li·er, good·li·est
1. Quite large; considerable: a goodly sum.
2. Of pleasing appearance; comely: "a goodly apple rotten at the heart" (Shakespeare).

good′li·ness n.
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"Truly," quoth Robin, when he could speak for laughter, "I should say that thy sorrows were about equal to thy goodliness."
Of great strength was the one and of great fairness the other even at birth and dear to one another from their first hours: but their mother's heart was dead within, nor did she reck aught of their goodliness nor did it gladden her heart or do better than recall the old days in the homestead of the smooth river and the fish waters among the reeds and the thought of the dead Kalervo their father, and she named the boy Kullervo, or 'wrath', and his daughter Wanona, or 'weeping'.
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Succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson was not a job any of them fancied; it was, one well-known manager told me, like trying to "trump Mother Teresa in the Godliness and goodliness stakes."
There the goodliness, there the glory In His, the Good Shepherd, St Sava's omnipresence.