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Noun1.freight elevator - an elevator designed for carrying freightfreight elevator - an elevator designed for carrying freight
elevator, lift - lifting device consisting of a platform or cage that is raised and lowered mechanically in a vertical shaft in order to move people from one floor to another in a building
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Reyes, from Batangas, Philippines, was found crushed between the top of a goods lift and the underside of a deck on May 22 last year.
However, the new goods lift is smaller than the old lift, meaning that some of the goods that are required to be moved in the lift will not fit.
By installing a load handling device on their commercial vehicles or a goods lift in their premises, employers can meet their duty of care obligations and provide employees with a simple and effective way to handle all sorts of loads efficiently and economically without any need for manual lifting.
Halesowen lift company Husbands has won a contract to supply a 2,000 kg goods lift to Rowse Honey, the UK's largest honey processor.
The area was formed from an existing production area requiring substantial structural alterations and refinements which included new floors, preparation of existing floors, new walls, new ceilings, installation of goods lift, formation of mezzanine floors and complex mechanical and electrical installations.
com)-- Specialist lift supplier movemanSKG has added a new miniature goods lift to its range.
ABOUT 20 staff had to be evacuated from the top floor of Coventry and Warwickshire hospital after a goods lift caught fire.
To make the link, there is a platform that can rise or fall on scissor jacks; it can act as a goods lift or a rostrum for speakers.
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Maint Incl Replacement Parts Of Passenger Goods Lift At Cab Sectt Under Ge Em Base Hospitl Delhi Cantt
Just when you find you need to accompany your 500-1500kg goods lift loads, STANNAH have introduced the answer to their Goodsmaster product range.
A DELIVERY man has suffered serious neck and back injuries after being crushed by a goods lift at a Nuneaton bakers.
Entrance and all public services are at forecourt level, where there is the glass-fronted travel centre, a little cafe and a large luggage store for local hotels which has a special goods lift up to the higher level.